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Ranking on Amazon!

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday ended marvelously because before I went to bed I checked Cabin Fever, my first release in about nine years, and I was on Romantic Erotic top 100 list, #35. I went to check it out this morning and my rank fell massively. I'm new to Amazon so I don't know if this kind of thing happens a lot or what, but it was disappointing. My husband told me not to worry about it, at least I was there for a little bit, and not to expect miracles over night. He's right of course. I know the only reason I was at #35 was because all my awesome friends in the #IndieAuthorCommunity who posted it for me and threw it up on their blog.

Seriously, lets talk about that for a minute. The Indie Author Community is simply amazing and I'm having a great experience. Everyone is so great and nice. They are helping me, and each other get out there so our work can reach more people. There shouldn't be any jealousy, there are enough readers out there to read everyone of our books if it appeals to them. I'm having a great time on this journey, certainly different from the experience I had back in 2008, when I was first published. After #CockyGate, it's been amazing to watch the community pull together, and back each other up. Showing this is a business, but this isn't high school competition. We are all colleagues and we can support each other, while promoting our own work. I think it's amazing and for one, I'm deeply touched, and very lucky to be a part of this amazing community as we struggle and support each other in this writing thing :)! Stay beautiful!

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