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Hey everyone,

I don't always like to talk about my personal life but sometimes there is an issue that needs to be addressed. What is it with people lately who think depression is all in someone's mind? I'm not talking about the kind of depression they are, known as the blues, but really deep depression that leads to thoughts of suicide? Then someone no one even knew was suffering up and kills themselves and everyone is left reeling, trying to understand. People say, why didn't they come to me? Why didn't they say anything? How did I not know something was wrong with my best friend, daughter, some, aunt, uncle, friend? Here's the real question, what are your views on depression and suicide? Did you really open yourself up to, not the stigmatized idea of depression, but real depression that affects millions of people each year. Are you one of those people who believe Big Pharma is out to get everyone addicted to mental medication? Here's the thing, if so many of these stimatized ideas weren't still hanging around then maybe the person you loved wouldn't have killed themselves, maybe they still would've you just don't know. One of the biggest stigmas out there right now is, if someone talks about killing themselves then they aren't going to do it. This is completely untrue. Sometimes people who kill themselves never talk about it, but more often it is mentioned several times before the person finally follows through with what they said. None of us know what it is like to walk in another person's shoes, we don't know how they feel, or what they're facing. Maybe if we listen, and take them seriously when they say they want to hurt themselves, then maybe we can prevent one life from being lost.

With that being said, I've suffered from deep depression and suicidal thoughts, many times I attempted suicide but never followed through thank god. Now my daughter is going through it. I took it very serious from the beginning. When you love someone, take their talk of self harm super serious even if it's not, what do you got to lose? Someone held on to me when I wanted to die, and now I'm holding on to my daughter. Hold on to the ones you love, love them by listening to them and taking them serious.

Much Love,


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