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So today I am sitting at my computer, getting back in shape after a whole month of being sick and barely able to get out of bed. Here's the thing, when you're a writer and you sit at your computer or other device to type out your story your arms are used to it. When you don't do it for a month, yeah it's like not excising and then going back to it, it's painful lol. Getting back in shape mentally, and physically.

Today is the first day that my heart isn't double beating so I'm hoping I've experienced the end of that. I quit smoking over two months ago but the effects of anxiety, depression, irregular heart beats can last for up to three months or they don't show up at all until after the first month and that is what happened to me. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I've experienced the end of getting nicotine out of my system. I feel a lot better since I don't smoke but sometimes I miss it, but I don't miss the actual smoking. I miss the taking time for myself and just thinking as I sat out side in my garage. Seems like there is so little time to do that with keeping, raising kids, being a good wife or at least trying to, going back to school and sticking to my writing deadline. *Sigh* busy busy. But we all know hard work pays off.

The next book to come out is Dark Protector, I'm going through the revision edits now to make sure everything fits and all the details are there. You guys are going to love it. I'm going to be sharing a peek in my group so if you haven't joined than be sure to sign up on facebook, M.A. Gonzales Romantica Readers.

My stomach is still sensitive so I'm eating some chicken and rice at my rearranged desk with the monitor facing the t.v so I don't get so distracted and stop working to watch it lol. I'm determined to get this book out by the end of Jan, even if it means I don't have a lot of time for promotion before I put it out live. Keep fingers cross that I can make it.

More to come!

Happy New Year!

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