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Finishing up Dark Rising

Hey everyone!

As most of you know I've just come back to writing after years away. We all have those times, personal problems, professional problems, perhaps we get burned out and we have to step away from the things we love. That was me back in 2010 during my divorce from my second husband.

It's hard enough to get a divorce when you don't feel like you have any obligations to the other person, such as where will they go, who will help them, because their families is a family of assholes? You always have the obligation with your kids and all that, the discussions, the questions, the scheduled, and sharing, all that stuff that makes you want to rip your hair out.

Anyway, long story short I got through it but it was a rough couple of years. I always thought about writing but for the life of me I couldn't sit down and finish a book. I finished a short that threw me back into the publishing world literally, lol. Now I've finished the novel I was working on, Dark Rising, the first book in what will be a very intense, sexually charged series packed with all the emotions and intrigue my previous fan base knew and loved. So, I will be posting an excerpt and my banner.

Those who leave me a comment will have something to look forward to. I will be choosing five winners will be receiving the book for free as my gift to you for checking me out again. Keep a look out for the post!!

May love, and great sex fill you day today! ;)



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Elisha Bramblett
Elisha Bramblett
Oct 06, 2018

So glad you were able to get back into writing. Can't wait for the next one!

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