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Tuscan Heat

All her life, Marlina has done what is expected of her. Married the right man, went to the right schools, and even landed the proper jobs. She still felt dreadfully incomplete. Something was missing. She is blindsided when her husband files for divorce. Driving home the hurt by admitting he never loved her.


On impulse, she leaves everything behind and breaks free from the things that always held her back. Retreating to Tuscany, the only place she has ever been happy, she's ready to put the past behind her and embark on a new adventure. Who knew that new adventure would come in the form of her childhood friend's older brother, Gabriel De Luca ?


Gabriel has taken over his family’s vineyard. It's challenging, keeping him busy, but not busy enough to keep him from indulging in his playboy ways. As a dedicated bachelor, he has no intentions of settling down. He’s suddenly second guessing himself after his sister's childhood friend returns to her family home. This is the summer he’s finally going to make his move. Marlina was back, and no way was he letting her slip away from him again.


The passion between them quickly burns out of control. Gabriel brings out a passion Marlina never knew she could feel, but she's terrified of getting hurt again. Will Gabriel convince her to take another chance on love or will she push him away to protect her fragile heart?

A Taste of Love

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Book 1

Release Date - April 12, 2019

Number of pages - 196

Publisher - M.A. Gonzales

Language - English


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