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Dark Protector

A Dark Tide Chronicles Novel

Gideon is head of security for Greyson Black in the supernatural community of Devil Falls. The only thing he looks forward to is being in the company of Ximena Black. She’s intelligent, beautiful, caring and full of light. And his mate.

Gideon suffers from an affliction known as the darkness and has no intention of sharing that part of himself with her. The path he walks is dangerous and uncertain, and he refuses to put his mate at risk.

Ximena has never really seen herself as anything exciting. A total science nerd, she spends her days autopsying bodies at the county morgue and looking through a microscope. She’s never really had an overwhelming reaction to the opposite sex, but whenever she’s around Gideon, sparks fly. They might be good together, but he runs away every time she gets close, so she resolves to stay away from the quiet bad boy.

With the rise in zombielike cases affecting both human and supers, Gideon is assigned as her bodyguard.  Being stuck in each other’s company fans the embers brighter, and the unexpected happens, giving in to the lust and passion they feel changes things between them forever.

When a familiar enemy arises, they are ambushed, and Gideon is taken. Ximena will stop at nothing to save the only man she’s ever loved…even if it means her life.

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Book 2

Release Date: August 2019

Number of pages - 309

Publisher - M.A. Gonzales

Language - English


Format Available:

Ebook & Paperback

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