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  In her quest for a promotion, Gwen finds herself deep in the Colorado Rockies to retrieve the latest manuscript from best-seller, Jacob Masters. She counted on getting his manuscript and getting her promotion. What she didn't count on was him being so insanely hot or a series of snow storms to sweep in and trap her in his cabin with him. Burned in the past, Gwen has no intention of falling for any man yet alone a bad boy author. She just needs her body to get the message.


At the top of his game, Jacob can call the shots with any publisher he goes to so the last thing he needs is his pushy agent anymore. When Gwen shows up out of the blue, he's completely confused but appreciative of his old agent for sending the assistant. The woman is seriously sexy and has attitude to match. She lights him up like no woman ever has, and he knows exactly what he wants to do to with that mouth of hers.


A freak series of snow storms has them trapped in his small cabin with very little to do then run into each other, and spend every second together. The attraction between them explodes threatening to change everything they thought they wanted.


Maybe all they were missing was a little, Cabin Fever. 


Cabin Fever 

Release Date: May 13, 2018

Number of pages - 55

Publisher - M.A. Gonzales

Language - English


Available Formats :


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